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something quick because its been awhile....

ok. so what the hell has happened since,.... whewneber i last updated. i've grfaduated... hell yeah....!! and uhmm.. i had a graduation party.... got cash.. yes!! hung out in copley pretty much every fucking day... cuz i a THAt cool.... except noo.... went to oreientation for college... met some pretty sweet fucking people... got hit on.. oh yeah.. pimp style..took a language placement exam.. realized that i suck because i took three years of french.. wqith two honor classes.. and i still get french 101! ha... took a chem placement test.. got chem 112... intro to chem... then got bumped up to chem 113.. which i will fail.. becuase i needed to make tiome fr\or crew.. blarg..... got my schedule in waiting.. so to say.. reLIZED that my fridays this first semester will suxk soo much balls.. in soo mnay ways that its not funny. i pretty much have clas at 8 in the morning.. then i have a an hour break.. then i have class again at 10 am.... then another class at 11 then i have a chem lab from 12:20 TO 4:20.... BLARG.. ON THEN.. ON TOP OF THEAT I HAVE CREW FROM 5 TO LIKE 6- 6:30!! BLARG IT SUCKS BUT FGACES... but oh well.. its not sooo.. bad i suppose... i am currently at my cloaches house .. house sitting for her b cuz she is at a wedding.. it is a very nioce... jhouse.. very cozy and in viting. but yes.. gher dog is very cute.. abd i am wet becaue i just walked her and it is raining.. ih well
..... well i am going to go work out now... so long...
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